Taking care of stainless steel jewelry


Stainless steel jewelry is very attractive for a number of reasons. Now when you read this post, you will find that the ease of caring makes it even more attractive.

1. Avoid harsh scratching

The caring is as simple as trying to avoid harsh scratching. Other possible problems apart from harsh scratching seem to be very minimal as stainless steel doesn’t leave stain, doesn’t tarnish and doesn’t discolor. It resists oxidation, rust, and corrosion. It will not bend or break. …It also doesn’t scratch that easily, but it does scratch (like most other metal e.g. gold, silver, etc.). And when it scratches, the only way to get rid of the scratches is to get a professional buffing service (the same way you take care of the band of your expensive watches).

So avoid putting it in your pocket without a jewelry bag or a sealed plastic bag.

For stainless steel earrings, simply avoid putting the 2 earrings in the same bag as it may scratch each other.   Also avoid hanging your ring on the rack etc.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning is simple. There are 4 easy possible ways to clean it.

Tips: Always clean your stainless steel jewelry lengthwise, and not in circular motion. And be gentle with your piece.

1) Clean with warm soapy water and very gently. Use a soft cloth (like 100% cotton) and gently wipe it. In case of brushed stainless steel, move your cloth along the grain of your stainless steel jewelry as you don’t want to leave your brushed jewelry with shiny spots. You shouldn’t soak your stainless steel in water.

2) For a grimier pieces, just use ‘plain’ whitening toothpaste and soft cloth. And again, follow the grain of your piece.

3) Use stainless steel cleaner or jewelry cloth and gently wipe it.

4) Go to a professional.

3. Storage

Although stainless steel doesn’t tarnish, it’s always best to store it in a sealed container for utmost protection. I always like to store all of my jewelry in a zip lock bag for both visibility and protection. In case of earrings, store the 2 earrings separately to avoid scratching. You can also store it in the air-tight jewelry box.

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