How to Display Jewelry

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Selecting Items to Display

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1.Pick signature pieces.
Don’t cram too many pieces onto one display. The jewelry is not a part of the display; it is the display. Be careful not to divert the attention away from the signature pieces with too much clutter. Each piece of jewelry should get the attention it deserves.[1]
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2. Choose your jewelry depending on the situation.
If you are selling jewelry to teenagers, you might want to display a lot of jewelry in many options or colors. However, if you are displaying jewelry in a formal setting, you might want to only lay out a few elegant pieces. If your jewelry display is for yourself at home, you can display whatever you would like (your favorite pieces or all the ones you own).[2]
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3. Group pieces into sets.
Select pieces that go together when choosing the items to display. Put together pieces of jewelry that can be worn together. This might make customers potentially buy more than one piece if they see it as a set. Put pieces together that are of similar type, such as similar sized watches.
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4. Separate jewelry by quality.
You might want to separate any expensive jewelry from any bargain pieces. Consider displaying elegant jewelry in a formal style and less traditional pieces in a more unique, crafty, DIY style.
  • You may also want to separate vintage pieces from recently acquired pieces.

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5. Use a purchased or DIY display.
You can purchase many types of display items in many colors for your jewelry online. You can buy busts for your necklaces, bracelet displays, earring hangers, ring stands, and many other pieces to show your jewelry off in an elegant way. You can also use household items to create your display for a unique look.[3]
  • You can purchase different colored covers for your displays. This allows you to easily change the display color with the season or for the piece of jewelry.[4]

Balancing the DisplayImage titled Display Jewelry Step 6

1. Choose the appropriate jewelry for each display.
Don’t hang a small necklace on a large bust or small earrings on a tall earring stand because it draws attention away from the jewelry. Match the sizes of the display pieces with the sizes of the jewelry pieces. [5]
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2. Choose a simple background for your jewelry.
The cloth on the table under the jewelry and the color of the display items should bring your jewelry out. Create contrast between the jewelry pieces and their background. Don’t camouflage your jewelry with similar colored backgrounds.
  • Diamonds, crystals, and other clear gemstones look best presented on a plain, dark background.
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3. Strike a balance.
You don’t want to have all white jewelry display pieces then have one thing that is a bright color. Make sure everything matches and flows well. Also make sure to keep the height balanced. Don’t have all tall displays on one side and all short displays on the other side. [6]
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4. Add elevation to your display.
Use tall block display pieces to create elevation in your display. By creating different levels within your display, you are adding a sense of motion and avoiding a monotonous display. You can highlight your best items by placing them on higher platforms. [7]
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5. Add light to your display.
Your jewelry will sparkle if you add light to your displays. You can place your display under a pendant or specialty light. These options can be installed to hang directly over a display. This will give your overall jewelry presentation a dramatic effect. [8]

Making Household Objects into DisplaysImage titled Display Jewelry Step 11

1. Use a picture frame for necklaces and earrings.
Take the glass out of the picture frame and replace it with lace, cork, chicken wire, mesh, or peg board. You can use the holes in the material or tacks on the cork to hang necklaces and earrings. Hang the picture frame on your wall or lean it against something on a table. [9]
  • If you want, you can paint the picture frame first.
  • Glue wallpaper over the cork or leave it exposed.
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2. Put your jewelry in tea cups and saucers.
You can use tea cups and saucers as elegant jewelry displays. Place rings and bracelets inside the cups and hang earrings off of the sides or off of the handles. Get mismatched cups or use a tea set for your display. [10]Image titled Display Jewelry Step 13
3. Create a display with unique knobs.
Hang different types of door or cabinet knobs in a row on a piece of wood or directly on the wall. Have your large necklaces hang from the knobs. You can use different knobs or they can all look the same. [11] You can find unique knobs at vintage or antique stores and at home stores. A great place to get knobs is the clothing store Anthropologie.Image titled Display Jewelry Step 14
4. Use bowls and trays.
Get colorful or decorative bowls and trays to display your bracelets. You can lay the bracelets out on the tray or stack them in the bowls. Alternatively, using clear glass bowls will allow you to see what jewelry is inside of the bowl and is elegant. [12]
  • Put trays on small stands to add elevation to your display. [13]
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5. Use old kitchen supplies for your jewelry.
Use a ceramic egg crate to display your rings. The tiny indents for the eggs are perfect for holding rings. The white ceramic makes rings stand out. Old muffin or cupcake trays work great for bracelets and brooches. Leave the exposed metal or spray paint the tray to match the flow of your display. [14]
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6. Use books for elevation.
Create elevation to your display by using hardcover books. You can stack the books and place your jewelry display pieces on top of them to make your display have more variety. Use old vintage books or new books with colorful and unique backs. [15]

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